El zagal ifs food

IFS Food

The IFS (International Food Standard), is an international standard, based on the EN 45011 standard for product certification.

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El zagal brc food

BRC Food

The BRC standard is an standard established by the Association of British Retailers or British Retail Consortium (BRC), which links the major trade associations in the United Kingdom

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El zagal identificacion geografica protegida2

Protected Geographical Indication “sobrasada de Mallorca”

At the beginning of 1996, the European Union awarded to “Sobrassada of Mallorca” the Protected Geographical Indication, extending the protection initially granted in Spain to the whole territory of the European Union.

The defense of the specific designation, the application of its rules and procedures, as well as the promotion and control of the sobrasadas of Mallorca is entrusted to the Regulatory Board.

Our Sobrasada

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